Wage Violations

California Wage And Hour Laws

All workers in California are protected by employment laws and regulations that dictate how employees be compensated for their labor. While the compensation rate is largely discretionary (so long as it is above the mandated minimum wage), things like breaks, meal periods, overtime pay, and the way in which employees are paid their compensation, are generally not. The Labor Code, interpreted by the California courts, sets out general rules that must be followed with regards to the aforementioned categories. In addition to general rules, specific rules will apply to certain occupations depending on which category of labor the occupation falls into. While the Labor Code does play a general role in this determination, it is the wage orders (regulations promulgated under rule-making authority granted by the legislature), that are consulted to make the category determination. It is important to bring your concerns about your breaks, meal periods, overtime pay, and compensation payments directly to experienced wage and hour violation lawyer who can help determine if a violation actually exists.

Violations of Wage And Hour Law In California

Several types of violations are commonly committed by California employers. Some occur through inadvertence, while others are done intentionally to keep costs down and profits up. Regardless of the motivation behind the violation, the employee will have a right to certain remedies and damages to make them whole in the event a violation is present. Some of the common violations are:

  1. Rest breaks not being made available to the employee
  2. Meal period not being made available to the employee
  3. Rest or meal period too late in the workday (Brinker International California Supreme Court case interprets the Code to require that a meal period commence before the end of the sixth hour of labor)
  4. Inaccurate Wage Statements
  5. Failure to compensate employee for expenses
  6. Failure to pay time and a half (or overtime) pay when required

If you think you have experienced or believe you are experiencing any of the above, it is possible that you in fact have a case against your company for a wage and hour violation under the law. The severity and longevity of the violation will dictate the size of your claim. It is time to gather your materials to bring to your free, no obligation consult with a Rancho Cucamonga Wage Violation Lawyer!

Retain A Lawyer For The Violation

While it is not obligatory to have an attorney to file a claim for the violation, a lawyer can help out a lot. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which category your occupation falls into. Different categories will have different rules that are applied to breaks, meal periods, overtime pay, etc. A lawyer with appropriate knowledge can help make the correct selection. Beyond that, having an attorney to perform an investigation and the presentation of your case will allow you to focus on your own life instead of being absorbed deep into a legal case.

Come get help from us! Our law office services Rancho Cucamonga California and the surrounding cities, and is ready to take a look at your possible case today. Your case will be reviewed by an attorney and you will have the opportunity to speak with a lawyer about your situation. Because wage violation cases have time limitations, waiting can cause your case to be worth less each day that you delay. Therefore, call us right away! 909-325-6032!

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