Stipulation And Award Under California Workers Compensation Law

Stipulation And Award Under California Workers Compensation Law

Those who have been in the workers compensation system know that there are several ways that a claim can close. One way is via compromise and release (C&R). When a case is closed by C&R, the claimant is giving up all rights they have for workers compensation on their claim in exchange for a lump […]

Workers Compensation First Treatment Medical Clinic Issues

When an injury occurs at work, it may be industrial in nature. An industrial injury entitles the hurt employee to apply for workers compensation benefits with their employers workers comp insurance carrier. An industrial injury occurs when the mechanism of injury arises out of or in the course of employment. So, just because one has a […]

Delayed Workers Compensation Claim in Rancho Cucamonga

Many times workers who report injury end up having their claim put on delay status pending investigation by the insurance company. This is usual when the injury arises from repetitive work activities instead of a specific accident such as a slip and fall, car collision, or other type of mechanism that can be linked to one […]

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Pre Existing Condition California Workers Comp. Claim

Rancho Cucamonga Workers Compensation Pre Existing Condition Claim Rancho Cucamonga California workers (comp. injury case) who have experienced prior industrial injuries or who have prior health problems can still file a workers compensation claim where they believe that their condition has worsened due to an accident on the job or through repetitive work activities. This is […]

Work Injury Lawyer In Rancho Cucamonga California

Hire A Work Injury Lawyer In Rancho Cucamonga California – Have you fallen victim to a work related injury? Looking for a local workers comp lawyer to get some answers about the claims process and possibly represent you? If you or a loved one has sustained an injury at work or is experiencing pain due […]

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Temporary Disability Benefits Following Termination

A common issue that arises under California workers compensation law is whether an employee should be provided temporary disability benefits following termination. Whether they should be allowed temporary disability depends on many factors, and each situation is going to be unique and distinct from the next. If you have been terminated while on workers compensation, […]

Get Lawyer Help For Work Comp Injury In Fontana California

Workers compensation is a big industry in Fontana California and the Inland Empire because of the large amounts of industrial workers in the area. Those working physical jobs are extremely likely to suffer an on the job injury during their career. Whether the injury is big or small, or related to a specific accident or […]

Work Injury Reporting Requirement In Rancho Cucamonga

Employees who get hurt at work commonly ask whether they have to report it to their employer. The common concern of employees who are concerned about reporting is being discriminated against by their employer for doing so. They are solely concerned with preserving the best relationship possible with their employer, even if it means going without workers’ compensation benefits. And it […]

Termination After Filing A Workers Compensation Claim In Rancho Cucamonga

Workers Compensation Lawyer Help: 909.325.6032 If you are terminated after filing a claim, you should consult with a Rancho Cucamonga Work Injury Lawyer immediately. It is illegal to terminate an employee for sustaining a work related injury or illness or filing for workers’ compensation benefits. In other words, the reason for the termination cannot be […]

Ontario California Wrongful Termination Lawyer

If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated, you should consult with a qualified lawyer who will fight for you and help you obtain the damages to which you are entitled.  Contact Ontario California Wrongful Termination Lawyer Alexander Napolin at 1 (909) 325-6032 for a free telephone consultation, or to schedule a free initial […]