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File A California Workers’ Compensation Claim In Court

Filing a California workers’ compensation claim in court can be done by an attorney or by the applicant in pro per (or without a representative). However, most injured workers who seek to adjudicate their case with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (or WCAB), will choose to do so with representation. This is due to the […]

Inland Empire California Workers Compensation Lawyer

Regardless of occupation, injuries are extremely common in the workplace. In California, employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance for their employees that will cover them in the event a workplace accident happens. California workers compensation law provides benefits for two types (or mechanisms) of injury. One type is known as a specific mechanism […]

All Employers In Rancho Cucamonga Must Have Workers Compensation Insurance

California law mandates that all employers who have even one employer carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage at all times. This holds true even if that employee is just temporary or seasonal. California law also requires employers outside the state who employ workers in California on a regular basis to provide coverage too.  So, all employers, […]

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How to Understand California Workers Compensation Law

Understanding the Basics of California Workers Compensation Law How to Understand California Workers Compensation Law – Worker’s compensation law is a set of rules that is made to help employees pay for the medical costs associated with job-related duties. If something happened to a worker while they were on the job, that can and should […]

Inland Empire Workers Compensation Legal Claim Help

Not all lawyers are the same. Many will take a claim before the injured worker even talks to the attorney who will be handling the case! This is type of law firm behavior is prevalent throughout the Inland Empire where so many work accidents happen in factories, retail and the service industry. These law firms […]

Inland Empire Employment Law

Inland Empire Employment Law Attorney Alexander Napolin is an employment law attorney focusing on Workers Compensation, Wrongful Termination and Wage and Hour Cases, including wage and hour class actions. If you believe you need legal advice in these areas, Mr. Napolin will speak with you for a free legal consultation. He can be reached by […]

On The Job Work Accident Injury – Inland Empire Attorney Advice

Those interested in learning about their workers compensation rights should call an attorney for advice. Although much can be learned through independent research by the worker on their own, only an experienced lawyer will know how to evaluate a work related accident injury situation. When it comes to on the job work accident injuries, there […]

Workers Compensation First Treatment Medical Clinic Issues

When an injury occurs at work, it may be industrial in nature. An industrial injury entitles the hurt employee to apply for workers compensation benefits with their employers workers comp insurance carrier. An industrial injury occurs when the mechanism of injury arises out of or in the course of employment. So, just because one has a […]

Delayed Workers Compensation Claim in Rancho Cucamonga

Many times workers who report injury end up having their claim put on delay status pending investigation by the insurance company. This is usual when the injury arises from repetitive work activities instead of a specific accident such as a slip and fall, car collision, or other type of mechanism that can be linked to one […]

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Pre Existing Condition California Workers Comp. Claim

Rancho Cucamonga Workers Compensation Pre Existing Condition Claim Rancho Cucamonga California workers (comp. injury case) who have experienced prior industrial injuries or who have prior health problems can still file a workers compensation claim where they believe that their condition has worsened due to an accident on the job or through repetitive work activities. This is […]