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Fontana Accident Injury Attorney

When an injury results from an accident caused by the negligence of another, the injured party may have the right to bring a lawsuit against the negligent party. However, in California, when an injury happens on the job, regardless of whether it was caused by the negligence of another or not, the injured party may have the right […]

Rancho Cucamonga Workers Compensation Claim Help

Recovering workers’ compensation benefits in California involves the injured worker in a complex claims process. When disputes arise in medical treatment, compensation, or benefits, the process becomes even more confusing. Many employees who suffer from work related health conditions choose to enlist the help of a local workers comp attorney. This does two things. First, […]

Four Work Comp Benefits You May Be Entitled To Receive

The California Workers’ Compensation System is incredibility rigid and provides limited benefits for work related injury. This has become more and more true in recent years as the employers in the State have successfully convinced the government to reduce benefits and put systems in place that assign significant medical control to the insurance company. The […]

All Employers In Rancho Cucamonga Must Have Workers Compensation Insurance

California law mandates that all employers who have even one employer carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage at all times. This holds true even if that employee is just temporary or seasonal. California law also requires employers outside the state who employ workers in California on a regular basis to provide coverage too.  So, all employers, […]

Stipulation And Award Under California Workers Compensation Law

Stipulation And Award Under California Workers Compensation Law

Those who have been in the workers compensation system know that there are several ways that a claim can close. One way is via compromise and release (C&R). When a case is closed by C&R, the claimant is giving up all rights they have for workers compensation on their claim in exchange for a lump […]

Work Injury Reporting Requirement In Rancho Cucamonga

Employees who get hurt at work commonly ask whether they have to report it to their employer. The common concern of employees who are concerned about reporting is being discriminated against by their employer for doing so. They are solely concerned with preserving the best relationship possible with their employer, even if it means going without workers’ compensation benefits. And it […]

Workers Compensation Claims Process – Attorney Help

The California workers compensation claims process is complex, rigid and difficult to navigate. Over the years, employers have lobbied the government hard to make the system ever more rigid and insurance company friendly to the detriment of the injured worker. This means that it is ever more vital for those who need benefits to hire help […]