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Fontana Work Injury Lawyer

Here at Napolin Law Firm, we provide local representation for those suffering from work accident injury in Fontana California. We use tested litigation strategies and tactics to increase the compensation of our clients, and we are here to do the same for you! If you are suffering from an on the job injury or a health […]

Rancho Cucamonga Workers Comp. Injury Attorney

Call Attorney Alexander Napolin who offers free consultations to those injured in Rancho Cucamonga California and surrounding cities. Do not let the insurance company control your accident injury claim. You take control by possessing the knowledge of what your claim is worth and what you should be entitled to. So get to know your legal […]

Medical Benefits Under California Workers Compensation Law Attorney Help Inland Empire

One of the main benefits provided by California workers’ compensation law is medical treatment paid for by the employer to help the injured worker recover from an injury or illness caused by work related factors. This medical treatment should continue to the point where the condition has reached its maximum medical improvement. At that time, in […]

Inland Empire Work Injury Lawyer

The California Inland Empire is the home to hundreds of thousands of hard working people. California law requires that employers carry workers compensation insurance to provide benefits for those who sustain on the job accident injury or develop injury from repetitive work activities. Despite the law, many legitimate injuries are denied while other workers in the system […]

Delayed Workers Compensation Claim in Rancho Cucamonga

Many times workers who report injury end up having their claim put on delay status pending investigation by the insurance company. This is usual when the injury arises from repetitive work activities instead of a specific accident such as a slip and fall, car collision, or other type of mechanism that can be linked to one […]

Termination After Filing A Workers Compensation Claim In Rancho Cucamonga

Workers Compensation Lawyer Help: 909.325.6032 If you are terminated after filing a claim, you should consult with a Rancho Cucamonga Work Injury Lawyer immediately. It is illegal to terminate an employee for sustaining a work related injury or illness or filing for workers’ compensation benefits. In other words, the reason for the termination cannot be […]

Workers Compensation Claims Process – Attorney Help

The California workers compensation claims process is complex, rigid and difficult to navigate. Over the years, employers have lobbied the government hard to make the system ever more rigid and insurance company friendly to the detriment of the injured worker. This means that it is ever more vital for those who need benefits to hire help […]