Medical Benefits Under California Workers Compensation Law Attorney Help Inland Empire

One of the main benefits provided by California workers’ compensation law is medical treatment paid for by the employer to help the injured worker recover from an injury or illness caused by work related factors. This medical treatment should continue to the point where the condition has reached its maximum medical improvement. At that time, in the event the work injury or illness is not 100% improved, provision for continuing medical care and future medical care should be outlined by a doctor and provided to the injured employee. Medical Benefits Under California Workers Compensation Law Attorney Help Inland Empire.

Medical Benefits Under California Workers Compensation Law Attorney Help Inland Empire

Medical Treatment

The amount and quality of care for work related injuries varies significantly within the workers compensation system in California. Due to politics within the system itself, many doctors are prone to undercut the injured worker by providing less treatment now and in the future. For example, doctors who receive a lot of business directly from the insurance company (often seen at industrial clinics) almost always refuse to provide the amount and quality of care needed for the injured worker to truly reach maximum improvement. In other instances, the insurance company will itself deny treatments that are legitimate or deny payment to doctors for certain body parts and/or conditions that they contend are not related to the work accident. Such behaviors by the insurance company all work an injustice on the injured worker. If treatment is timely denied by the insurance company’s utilization review team, the appealing under Independent Medical Review process must be followed. Seek professional help if you are in this situation and need help following the process to overturn a treatment denial.

Inland Empire Lawyer Help For Medical Benefits Under Workers Compensation Law

Many California workers who are injured on the job turn to hiring a workers compensation law attorney to help them navigate the claims process. One major benefit of retaining a work injury lawyer is their ability to fight for medical treatment for your injury and medical benefits in the future if you cannot fully recover. An experienced workmans compensation lawyer will exercise your rights to select a doctor who will provide the amount and quality of treatment that you are entitled to. In addition, they can fight in court if necessary for future medical benefits. Without lawyer help, the likelihood of the average worker to successfully exercise their rights is low. The insurance company is highly sophisticated and has superior knowledge and resources to manipulate the worker into doing what they want. When a work comp lawyer gets on the employees side, it tends to even the playing field. Hurt at Inland Empire Amazon work injury, get a lawyer!

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Medical Benefits Under California Workers Compensation Law Attorney Help Inland Empire

Workers Compensation Medial Benefits

Here at our firm, we are experienced workers compensation law attorneys who know how to fight for your medical benefits. If you have been had an on the job accident and feel you are not receiving the type of medical benefits that you deserve, you can call us today for a free consultation! – 1 (909) 962-8414 or submit a form for a call back at When you call, you will get our insight into your unique circumstances so that you better understand your situation and how we can get you into a better one!

California lawyers take workers compensation cases on a contingency fee of 15%, and you do not pay anything if you do not recovery on your claim! Since consultations are free and come with no obligation to file a lawsuit, and since you pay nothing unless you recover, there is no reason to go one more day without the representation you need to get the medical benefits that you deserve!