Workers Compensation Temporary Disability Benefits

Workers Compensation Temporary Disability Benefits

Workers Compensation Temporary Disability Benefits

California Workers Compensation Law mandates that employers provide insurance for employees who suffer from work related accident injury and medical conditions. The law requires that these insurance policies provide certain benefits that are administered in a certain way. Although there are many insurance companies writing work comp policies in California, all of those policies are required to provide the same benefits. When there is a dispute over benefits (extremely common), the injured worker can appeal to an administrative law court known as the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB). Usually this is done with the help of a workmans comp lawyer.

Disputes Over Workers Compensation Temporary Disability Benefits

Disputes that arise over temporary disability benefits can manifest in several forms. Some are as follows:

  1. Injured worker is sent to industrial clinic. Clinic doctor then sends employee back to work even though employee cannot perform their job duties due to physical restrictions from the injury.
  2. Injured worker is sent to industrial clinic. Clinic doctor sends employee back to work with restrictions. Employer does not honor restrictions and requires employee to perform job duties that employee can no longer perform.
  3. Insurance company denies that the injury is industrial in nature. No temporary disability benefits will be paid.
  4. Insurance company admits the accident occurred but contests nature and extent of injury due to the accident. The contested portion is the part that restricts the employer from performing their job duties. It is possible that the insurance company will refuse to pay temporary disability money.
  5. Insurance company simply refuses to pay without any justification whatsoever. No temporary disability money is paid.
  6. The employee is terminated following the accident. Employer claims it is for cause. Insurance company may refuse to pay TD.

If you find yourself in any of the above scenarios or are afraid of falling victim to one of them, you will need attorney representation if you want to get time off from work and temporary money.

Attorney Help For Workers Compensation Temporary Disability Benefits

Here at Napolin Law Firm, we will fight for your temporary disability benefits by implementing legal strategies and bringing your case to a hearing if necessary. Most of the time, just hiring us will result in getting your benefits turned on without ever going to trial. In other scenarios, Mr. Napolin will go to bat for your benefits before the judge to get the insurance company in line.

Do not hesitate to contact Mr. Napolin for a free consultation regarding your work accident injury claim! – You can call him at 1 (909) 962-8414 or submit a form at and Mr. Napolin will give you a call back for your free consult! If you prefer, you can set up an in person consult with Mr. Napolin’s office!

Know that all consultations are free and require no obligation to file a lawsuit. And, should you choose to file a lawsuit over your work comp benefits, know that you do not pay us anything unless we get you compensation! Since consults are free and filing is no money out of pocket, there is no reason to go one more day without pursuing your rights in court! Start the process going today beginning with a free consultation with attorney Napolin!